So while Neil was home for a weekend, I encouraged him to take McKenna outside to build a snowman. She had been wanting to do this for a while, but I don’t own a pair of snow boots (soon to be remedied by the end of season sales!) and it’s hard to take Adele out for long periods of time because as soon as her mittens get wet, we have to come back in.

So after rolling 3 roundish super sized snowballs, and stacking them on top of each other, Neil sends McKenna in to raid the pantry for features to attach to their snowman. Of course he had to have the traditional carrot nose, but then McKenna settled on a bag of 2 year old candy use for snowman parts.

Three buttons of Ghirradeli chocolate drops lined the snowman’s chest.  They shoved the carrot into the middle of the top snowball and shoved cherry tootsie pops into his 2 eye sockets. Neil used his gloved hand to carve a sinister smile for the mouth and then lined it with the fire ball candy. This was the most disturbing snowman I have ever seen, but McKenna was proud.

I didn’t get out to take a picture right away but every day I looked out the kitchen window at the frightening sculpture, the appearance got worse and worse! As the weather got warmer, the south side of the snowman was shaved down by the sun. The face on the north side melted more slowly, but as it did, the red from the fire balls drizzled around the chin and down the corners of his widening, gaping grin. The tootsie pop eyes were held firmly in place by the sucker’s stick, but as the snowman melted away from the round candy, they appeared to bug out of his head making him look even more depraved!

So after a week of staring at this hideous snowman, I took McKenna and Adele out to take pictures and… well, do away with “Frosty”! when we knocked him over backwards, his slushy head sprayed open from the point of his jaw spraying the red fire ball tinged snow out and the suckers sprawling in separate directions like a sick crime scene . And this is how our snow man lays now!