So, I decided that I would finally add a post on here. This is Neil in case you weren’t sure. I have been thinking about this for the last few months. I was hoping anyone that would be willing to share would post a comment or e-mail us directly would share with us how Tristan’s short life influenced theirs. This is something I would like to add to the things we have to remember Tristan. We don’t regret any of the decisions we made but in some ways, I think it would help us to have these stories not only for Arae and I but also for our kids.

In the near future I plan on sharing what he did for me and how my life has changed because of him and the miracle that he truly was and continues to be. I am not the writer that Arae is so it may just bore everyone, but I really feel like I need to do this. Tristan changed our lives so much that we could never repay what this experience did or fully express our gratitude to our Heavenly Father for the miraculous gift that Tristan continues to be. We just want to know the impact that he had on others.

I am not able to express myself very well in words. I leave that to Arae. She has a gift for that. I guess my hope through all of this is that there was even more good that came of this than even we can see in our own lives. Tristan changed the world for us and hopefully he had some impact on others as he did on us.

Thank you to anyone willing to share. It would mean the world to us.