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Our Girl!

So every primary program has “that one kid”. And Neil and I are not surprised that in our primary program, it was McKenna. But the extent to which she played the part was quite impressive.l-October17.2009.DRG. 001

She was the first of the sunbeams to be taken out of Sacrament meeting to go potty- starting a trend for her class. Then of course, the fact that she knew the songs by heart led to a competition between she and her cousin. I think it’s safe to say that, decibel for decibel, McKenna won. In fact she pretty much over powered the whole primary!

During “Our Father Has a Family”,Neil was out at the other end of the hall with Adele, and could hear her. And she didn’t even have to overpower the rest of the children at one point because she jumped to the wrong verse and sang a solo of it through the piano interlude, which sent the congregation into fits of laughter. At this point I had tears running down my face, I was so embarrassed and laughing so hard!

McK2When it got back to the speaking parts, McKenna decided to start shouting at a little boy in her class- “HEY! YOU TOOK MYSEAT! THAT WASN’T VERY NICE! THAT’S MEAN!” Then they sang “Families Can Be Together Forever” and of course the shout-singing came back. This time she wasn’t quite up to tempo- but being every bit as loud as before, made it sound more like a round! Through the rest of the meeting, her teacher was wrestling to keep McKenna with her. Neil was ready to go drag her off the stand!l-October17.2009.DRG. 044

When the benediction was given, expressing gratitude for the spirit these “precious children” brought to the meeting, I was sent into giggle fits again.

A friend sitting behind us patted me on the back and mentioned that American Idol might be a good possibility in 15 years. I said that winning American Idol would be the only way she could ever make up for this.