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Our Wyatt FamilyThis is our family. Life is never ordinary or boring. We are always faced with some new adventure, and they just keep getting bigger as we survive the previous obstacle.  I would like to say that this blog will be witty and fun and give you a great laugh. Sometimes it will, but right now I write as an update to our newest challenge in which laughter is hard to come by.

But before I go into the heavy stuff, let me introduce the Wyatt family; Neil and I were married 6 years ago and we are so happy together. I really think we have the best marriage, at this point, of any one I know. Neil is a surgical tech for a dermatologist and I have been able to stay home with our 2 girls since I had our 2nd. I was a CNA and I loved my work on the neurotrauma unit at Primary Children’s Hospital, but love to be home with McKenna and Adele more.

Despite our interests in medicine, our passions lie in the arts. Neil is a great vocalist and sings tenor in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Currently he is preparing for auditions with the Metropolitan Opera. I paint and draw and have done a couple of children’s bedroom murals, of which I am pretty proud. I would love to write and illustrate children’s books someday.

McKenna is our precoscious 4 year old. She is smart gorgeous and sassy and headstrong. She can be very helpful with her little sister… when she is not determined to make Adele scream. Adele is 14 months old. She is a clown and loves to do anything to make you laugh. She has been a fresh breath to our lives. And then there is Tristan. He is our son, expected in October in bittersweet anticipation. He was a surprise, but one we welcome with open arms- if only for a few short moments of our lengthy lives. You see, Tristan has a severe heart defect, in which hope of treatment is dwindling. With each appointment, and new info, the prognosis becomes dimmer. But I will explain more in my next entry. This is the reason I started this blog.